Call Center Management

The call center management solutions provided by P.I.E. are designed to achieve the most efficient processes for customer service, technical support and telemarketing services. P.I.E. recruits, trains and assesses each of its call center associates based on your business needs.

  • P.I.E provide both on-site and off-site solutions
  • Customer Service Representatives answer inbound calls and make outbound calls
  • Customer Service Representatives process payments and correspondence and enter data

Since 2003, P.I.E., has answered over 1,000,000 inbound calls, had an answer rate of approximately 94%, had an accuracy rate of approximately 99% and processed over 100,000 payments and correspondences.

To ensure best in class service all customers calling our Customer Service Representatives receive:

  • A customized greeting that includes the CSRs name
  • Identity Verification
  • Use of last name and “Ms. Or Mr.”
  • No hold time over 30 seconds
  • Customized closing that includes thanking them for call

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