Salary: $16.00 per hour

Job Type: Full-Time 12-18 Months

          Assist in orderly and expeditious dispatch of court business.
·         Assist judge in maintaining order and decorum in the courtroom.
·         Coordinate with Court Administration regarding daily and future jury trials.
·         Coordinate with law enforcement in keeping jurors, judge and defendant separate while entering and exiting courtroom facilities.
·         Keep order and maintain court and jury facilities; assist in courtroom set up activities; set up special equipment needed for trial; assist            courtroom in securing exhibits.
·         Assist the court and counsel with impaneling the jury; escort jury to and from the courtroom; provide personal services (phone calls,                meals, restroom breaks) to jurors; transmit instructions and exhibits from court to jurors.
·         Keep jurors safe and secure during jury trial and remain available to them at all times.
·         Remain in attendance during jury sequestration and ensure that the jury is not left unattended.
·         Monitors the whereabouts of jury instructions during jury deliberations.
·         Assumes full responsibility for the comfort and deportment of jurors assigned to the judicial department. This includes, but is not                      limited to issues of security, illness, emergency matters, meals and sequestration, and personal concerns that could affect the parties’            right to a fair trial.
·         Maintains order, decorum, and appropriate behavior in the break/deliberation courtroom.
·         Effectively handles hostile or volatile individuals or crisis situations.
·         Perform routine clean-up of jury facilities.
·         Assist judges and departmental staff in special assignments as directed.
Minimum Qualifications
·         Equivalent to the completion of the twelfth grade supplemented by college level coursework in criminal justice or related field.
·         Some prior experience in security, law enforcement, or legal support function is desirable.
·         Successful completion of all required background investigations is required prior to employment.

How to Apply:

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